Camlock Fittings

Camlock Fittings

Camlock fittings are also known as cam and grove couplings.  These fittings are used in a variety of applications for dry and liquid transportation and other uses.  The standard sizes are ¾ inch to 6 inches.  When you purchase one of these fittings you must know if the thread, adapter, and coupler are male or female.  This is important information because if you do not have the right “marriage” you will not have a proper fit and it may leak.  These couplings may be made of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, and numerous other alloys and materials.

They are popular because of the quick and easy way to make a connection.  By using these types of camlock fittings, you are using a simple and economical way of re connecting and disconnecting. They also make camlock fittings in food grade plastic and stainless steel fittings for liquid food handling use.

Ways camlock fittings are used

  • Petroleum handling
  • Chemical processing
  • Rail car handling
  • Dry bulk handling
  • Agricultural
  • Water
  • Secure hoses to tanks
  • Fix pipes
  • Fix other hoses
  • Secure hoses to pumps
  • General winery
  • For water pump allocations such as trash pumps, transfer pumps

Camlock fittings categories

  • Type A—Male grove adapter and a female pipe thread of same size.
  • Type B—Female camlock fittings end and male pipe thread of same size.
  • Type C—Female cam lock on one end and male hose tail on other end.
  • Type D—Female cam lock end and female pipe thread of same size.
  • Type E—Male cam lock on one end and male hose tail on other end.
  • Type F—Male grooved adaptor and male pipe thread of same size.

To use camlock fittings, you open the coupler arm and insert the adaptor into the coupler, and then the two can arms are closed under normal hand pressure to complete the joint.

Where they can be used

  • Factories that make or use inks, paints, and/or dyes where it involves frequent changes of hoses to find the right mix. 
  • Use on agricultural sprayers to save time when they refill the tanks.
  • They are used on fuel trucks in the delivery of fuel to domestic premises and service stations.  There are no tools needed to make the connection and risk of cross threading is avoided.
  • Used on petroleum trucks to take deliver oil or propane.
  • Cleaning services use them because they make it easier to connect and disconnect hoses for storage to make transporting and removal of hoses in the event of a blockage occurrence.
  • Can be used in a system that allows for the rapid filling of chemical drums.
  • Used by fire departments to hook hoses to the fire truck and to fire hydrants.

Camlock fittings can be used in many industries and in many situations.  You may have even used them and not known exactly what they were called.  All you knew was that they did what you wanted them to do.